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Get yourself out of a marketing pickle and see what we can do for your business.* 

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A recipe for every pickle you’re in.

I’m the girl everyone asks for a recipe.
And boy do I have them – a recipe for your logo, a recipe for your content, and yes, a recipe for pickles. 

I’m Darlene, owner and designer of Pickle Jar Studios. I’m a graphic designer, content creator and photographer. I love to create work that is intentional, strategic, and visually stunning. 

You may be wondering what exactly I mean by “recipe”? I mean that by following my creative process, we can arrive at your solution. I have created brands, content and photos for my clients that perfectly matches their company, goals, and heart. 

We play with ingredients along the way and my methods never create the same dish twice. 

Learn more about my process.

Nice to meet you. What’s your favorite thing to eat? 


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Content Creation

Content that connects and builds trust with your audience. Your customers will eat it up.

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Graphic Design

Design that translates brand values to visuals. Meaning and intention is baked right in!

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Product Photography

Eat with your eyes – your brand and product deserves to show its best side to the world.

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The PJS process means that your project is on budget and delivered on time – but never boring. No Monday Meatloaf around here (though we happen to love meatloaf) you won’t get a canned result.

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Featured Clients

Looking for a tasting of our work? You found it. 

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Blog Feature

What is a content flow and why you should start with your website FIRST.


  • learn the “flow of content” to master your content marketing
  • why your website is first in the flow
  • maximize content and make it work for you instead of reinventing the wheel!

Collaborators + Partners

Pickle Jar Studios contracts with partners and collaborators to bring you full service. 

Shannon Hinderberger

Marketing Strategist, Social Media Expert

shannon lee strategy pickle jar studios team

I’m Shannon, owner of Shannon Lee Strategy and a master in the ever-changing face of online media and social strategy – some call me an online marketing maven too.

I’ve been testing and executing digital marketing strategies for over 20 years. Darlene and I work together to create content and marketing plans that have you working smarter, not harder. 

Samantha Barsky

Graphic Designer, Content Writer

samantha barsky pickle jar studios team

Hi, I’m Samantha. I’m a designer. A creator. An entrepreneur. A connector. A business coach. A community leader. I worked for many advertising agencies in San Francisco as an art director and creative director for 10 years before starting my product line, note•ify. I continue to serve clients in a design capacity and help other entrepreneurs level up their businesses as well as create products that I sell to stores around the country. I work with Darlene on graphic design projects and creating content for social media. 

Bonefide Pickle Lovers: 

Shannon and Darlene have helped me immensely in my business. My business has completely flourished since Shannon has taken over my digital presence. I went from making $2,000 in sales a month to $14,000 in sales a month because of the continuous repetitive posting on my digital channels.

Darlene has done phenomenal photography which we’ve used in our marketing and social media so both of their services have been extremely beneficial and have added to the success of my business.”

Hari-Prakash Boyd

Owner, Prakash Organics

“Darlene and Picklej Jar Studios has been an absolute dream to work wtih. We have collaborated on a variety of projects for many years and each time, Darlene is thorough in her understanding of our goals, innovative with new ideas, and timely with deliverables. She is a true partner!”

Stephanie Pascarella

Owner, Wash With Water


We have pricing for big and small appetites. See current pricing here. 

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