I absolutely love this time of year. Back to school shopping is my personal favorite kind of shopping. I realize now I may be a little old for that hot pink Trapper Keeper, and I have little use for all the pencil erasers in my basket, so I relinquish school supplies (well, sorta) and move on to the things I would buy as a full-fledged adult. So the back to school list I made for this year is all about things I want for fall, for the year and just to start the year off strong! 

back to school for adults list 2015

The List:

  1. Adorable ModCloth Skirt. Why it made the list: I can wear it now, while the weather is still kinda warm, but in the winter it will be adorable with boots and a sweater. 
  2. Because I just want to have school lunches again. Why? I don’t know. It was my favorite time of the day. Even though I work from home, I still want to buy this because those individual compartments bring me so much joy. If you are looking for awesome school lunch ideas, beyond the basic sandwich, check out this article by The Kitchn!
  3. I love a good necklace! This one gives back to! My bestie is working on this company and has an awesome selection of handmade jewelry and other fun things from Haiti. This would be so cute with jeans and a knit top or a dress. Read more on Empower Haiti Together at their website
  4. It seems like my social calendar starts filling up in the fall and it’s so nice to have some fun new pieces to entertain with. There are a lot of fall and winter birthdays in my family as well as the holidays, so investing in these now will get me a lot of mileage this season. 
  5. Every one needs a good pair of jeans. They are essential! This pair from Madewell has a higher rise too, so maybe my muffin top will be made more scarce. Or maybe I should hit the gym. Either way, I need jeans! 
  6. The equivalent of a new backpack for adults…. a new tote. This is a vegan leather one from Nordstrom’s in Congnac/Aqua, and I love that it’s reversible. In the spring, I could just flip out the aqua side and boom! Two-in-one handbag fun. 
  7. Tea is essential. We drink it all year, but especially in the fall. I need it to keep my designing fingers warmed up. I love this one with the infuser basket set
  8. Speaking of warming up, how about a nice big pot of soup? Or braised chicken? Or pot roast? I need this book for easy, and effortless fall meals that are full of comfort. I am also in love with the title font! 
  9. And how about a warm blanket to snuggle up in? I love Pendleton blankets, and especially in a fun color palette like this one
  10. Finally, because I know right around January I’ll wish I could grill something, I’ve got my eye on this new grill pan from Le Creuset. I especially love the French Grey and Ocean colors. 

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this little round up of fun things for fall. If you want to see what was on my list last year, you can check it out here: Back to School for Adults 2014



Images from sites where products link to (except #2, which is from this article on The Kitchn that you should totally check out. No affiliation or kickbacks of any kind have been collected, this is just a fun list of stuff I think is awesome for back to school lovers… who are a little old for the roll call.