You know you need to be creating content, but when in this crazy business life are you supposed to sit down and make engaging content that resonates with your audience?? I’ll tell you – you need a CONTENT STRATEGY PLAN and I’ve got the free template for you! 


“Content marketing is the only marketing left”

~Seth Godin


Here’s something to keep you creating content for your business: make a quarterly content plan.


I am willing to bet that “creating content” is something you know you should be doing, but it’s just another thing on a long list of business activities and fires to put out. Running a business is hard, and every day we are faced with a new challenge, deadline, or issue. So when are we supposed to sit down and create amazing marketing content that resonates with our audience and customers?? 


The easiest way to do it is to block out one hour and sit down and make a plan for the next 3 months.


By sitting down and creating a content strategy plan for the next 3 MONTHS you are doing yourself three favors: 

  • You get all those content ideas out of your head and into a document (and maybe even send that doc to someone else to execute for you!? 
  • You stay consistent with your messages, themes, and voice! AND you are on track to being more consistent with creating engaging marketing content that your audience will love, trust and in turn, BUY (as in, buy your product or service). 
  • You save time by doing this for 1 hour (max) at a time and planning out a few months ahead. Put dates in your calendar to work backward and publish on time! 


How to make a Content Plan for the next three months:


First of all, commit to blocking out time to get this done. I promise, creating the plan will take an hour or less.  I give you lots of ideas and directions in the template below! 

1. Outline the next three months in a google doc – or use my template here
Write down each month, and under it, write each channel you want to publish to. I suggest starting with 2 blogs a month, 1 email a week, and social posts 4 days a week. For most people, this feels doable. However, if this sounds overwhelming, cut this in half for each channel.

2. Generate content ideas and start assigning them to each month. 
Do you have a new product coming out? That’s a content idea! You can blog, email and post about that. How about a question that a customer asked you this week? Or a tip you have about using one of your products? You can also start a conversation in your media as if you’ve never met your customer – introduce yourself to them, write about how you started your business, and WHY you are passionate about your business. Talk about each of your products and services. Are their technical or scientific aspects of your products? Write about those too! Once you get a couple of ideas down, check the National Days Calendar and see if there are any fun holidays you can add in to fill gaps (this is best for social media, but sometimes I’ll get a blog idea from this site, too)I usually suggest coming up with content themes – but when you are just starting out, don’t worry about that as much. Just start using the 3-month plan, and it will get easier and more refined the more you do it! 

3. Assign dates to the blogs and emails now! 
Put dates to when you will publish this content and then work backward to make sure you give yourself time to create the blogs and schedule the emails. There are so many scheduling and publishing tools out there, but I love Asana and Planoly to keep on top of creating content and pushing it out. Don’t forget to put your index card up of your brand personality attributes when you write these blogs for your BRAND VOICE! If you don’t know what that is from my previous emails, just hit reply and I’ll send you a brief “how-to” on that topic, as well as the Brand Voice guide I created! For FREE! 

4. Hit PUBLISH! And do a happy dance! You did it! You’re well on your way to engaging your audience, staying relevant, and increasing sales. 

And that’s how I do it! Be sure to check out the google doc template and use it as a starting point. Let me know if you have any questions or get stuck! I’m here to help!