rose bud salve alternative

I love this stuff called Rosebud lip salve. I used to be addicted to it. I would have one in the car, one in my purse, one in the bathroom and one by my bed. Looking back at my behavior when it came to this salve, maybe it had something actually addictive in it.  Hmmm.

Now it’s different. I don’t live near an Urban Outfitters or Bath and Body works. I ran out of almost all my salves (except for the one by the bed). Besides, I would rather make it on my own, for cheaper and using better ingredients. I can add color by using an old lip stick, or mineral-based loose blush. Suddenly, I’ve got salve again! The color looks intense, but it actually goes on very sheer. It’s a great everyday/every minute sort of lip balm. My lips always feel super moisturized without feeling sticky or tasting like some strange version of a popsicle. 

diy rose salve-5

I absolutely love this petroleum alternative: Waxelene. It’s amazene! Hehe… eh anyways. I also added a little rose hip oil to this lip saver. Rose hip oil is rejuvenating to the skin and great for helping to regenerate skin cells. 

rose bud salve with natural petroleum jelly


The process for this is simple. You put the Waxelene in a small plastic bag, add a chunk of a lipstick (or some mineral based loose blush) for color, and add a pump or two of the rose hip oil. Then you seal the bag and knead it with your fingers to mix.

diy rose salve-6

Kinda reminds me of grade school science class somehow. This makes a really great gift too! 

DIY Lip Salve
Recipe Type: Beauty
Author: Sugar Pickles
  • 2 tablespoons Waxelene
  • 1-2 pumps Rose hip oil
  • color from a small chunk of old lipstick or 1/2 teaspoon mineral based loose blush
  1. Put all ingredients into a small plastic bag. Mix around with thumb and forefinger until combined.
  2. Cut the tip off on of the bottom corners of the plastic bag and squeeze into desired container. You can add more lipstick or blush to make a more intense color.