Easter baskets for grown ups
We are having Easter at our house this year. This started last year, and I love carrying on the tradition. It’s just an excuse to eat ham, really (I mean, let’s be honest), but family dinners, even if they are small, are fun for me. Planning menus, cleaning, and organizing what dishes to use, these are all things I get really, really excited about. 

So when I was a kid, we always got Easter baskets. Sometimes my mom and dad would make little scavenger hunts for us to find them too. Since we have all adults coming to dinner, I’m making Easter baskets for grown ups! 

It’s fun, and it involves chocolate. SO WHY NOT!? 

There are a couple tips I’d like to share when it comes to Easter baskets for adults: 

1. Include some of the “good” chocolate. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but lately candy like Snickers, M&M’s, and things like that are so overly sweet tasting to me. I’m a dark chocolate lover, and I like chocolate that tastes good, deep and rich, and doesn’t have a waxy texture. So I added some higher quality chocolates, maybe some Lindt with sea salt, or Ghirardelli, for a nice treat. 

easter for adults 2015-3

2. Go with nostalgia. I added some candies from our childhood: Robin’s Eggs, Twix, and a small chocolate bunny. But other good options are Cadbury Eggs (if you like that sort of thing) and Peeps! 

easter for adults 2015-2

3. Add small things that aren’t candy. I found some little things that could be fun for an adult, like grow your own herb kits and scratch and sniff stickers (because who DOESN’T like scratch and sniff stickers). I also added a wind up chick and bunny toy, because I thought it would be hilarious to harass the cats with these.

easter for adults 2015-4

4. Add one or two things that are useful and lasting. Getting one small thing that I will actually use is always a great surprise! Joel has been lamenting that we never have enough measuring spoons, so that’s what is going into his basket. I like the kind that are narrow enough to dip into a spice jar, so it’s like a gift for both of us! 

Sources: Herb growing kits and Easter eggs: Target. Easter baskets, wind-up toys, Robins Eggs and other candy: Safeway and the Dollar Tree. Measuring spoons and scratch and sniff stickers from Cost Plus World Market. 

Grown-ups just want to be kids again! 

Happy Easter! 

spring 2015-16