What is a fall bucket list? It’s just a list of things that you really want (or absolutely must!) do during the fall season. Get your business on track this season by doing these things: 


Fall bucket list for your business: 

  1. Start planning those holiday promos, sales, and marketing plan!
  2. Get photos done (get 30% fall-related, 40% holiday, and 30% evergreen photos that you can use now or into next year) 
  3. Clean out your office space (whether that’s your desk, your car, or your kitchen counter!) 
  4. Pick up a business-related book to learn something new this fall 
  5. Revisit your website and make any necessary updates to products. 
  6. Get prepped to add a new product (see holiday photos!!)
  7. Adjust your prices to reflect inflation or rising shipping costs 
  8. Plan any holiday donations or giving your business will be doing 
  9. Are you in holiday craft fairs? Make sure you have enough inventory or those and get the word out where and when they are
  10. Batch plan your social media content 
  11. Plan a fall blog centered around your product that features it used in a recipe/treatment/season way
  12. Plan a fall business lunch or meeting that you would have usually done on the phone or on zoom – get out there and enjoy FALL!