I heard the ladies on Girl Next Door podcast talk about how they have a fall curriculum and I loved that idea. I thought it would be fun to do a round up for you of some books that are perfect fall reading material for the small business owner. 

Some of these are on my list still yet to read, so I’m making this list as much for me as I am for you! Some of them I have read, or am currently reading and think you would also love.

Fall Reading List for Small Business Owners: 

Start with Why and Find Your Why — Both of these are by Simon Sinek, as well as the Better Together book listed below. These are excellent for defining why you are doing what you are doing in your business and for deepening your core business strengths. Because we didn’t get into business for ourselves simply to make a better widget, right? We did it for a reason, and those reasons bleed into everything we do in our work. These books will help you define that reason and make sure your customers know what it is – and buy your product because of it. Want to know more? I wrote a blog on Start with Why and my thoughts on this book! 

Better Together — A delightful inspirational picture book! Get two, one for you and one to pass on to a friend. This would be an excellent work Secret Santa or stocking stuffer. 

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook — Gary Vaynerchuk is a no holds barred, tell it straight social media expert. This book goes through each platform and shares examples of who’s doing it right and who’s sucking and why. You’ll get advice and tips on how to make your brand socially shine. No time like the present, right? 

In The Company of Women — A beautiful coffee table book of inspiring women! Interviews and photos of women in all walks of life, from Chefs to Designers. This is a great one to have around when you just want to read something good and about women making it. A few pages of this and you’ll be motivated to get your ass in gear. 

The Success Principles — A classic. This book by Jack Canfield has so many motivational, inspirational and positive thinking techniques, you’ll never get the blues about your business again. This is the type of book that you could flip open anywhere and pick up reading, or read straight through. If you believe in the Law of Attraction (but need practical advice too) then this book will deliver. 

Show Your Work — This one is key for me this season! I’m working on showing my client work or work in progress on Instagram each week. I think this is great for designers, artists and anyone who makes products. Give people a behind the scenes look at what you’re working on and show them your process! It’s intriguing and shows more of what you do to potential clients and customers. 

New Mom and Entrepreneur: 

The Fifth Trimester — This one is all about returning to work! This is the season I’m in. While this book is mainly about how to return to a job outside of the home, it’s also got plenty of tips that are great for moms who work at home, work part time and have alternative schedules. I started reading it before Libby (my newborn daughter) arrived and was able to put in place some tips from the book. I’m so glad I mentally prepared myself (albeit, minimally) for returning to work early.

Thrive — This book is great for everyone, but I have it here because I think some of the reminders in this book to look at your life holistically would be particularly great for moms. I love the quotes and stories that Ariana includes as well. 

Essentialism — I listed this book as one of my favorite free productivity tools (if you get it from the library) and I think it’s a great one to include here too. Greg Mckeown really help me organize things in my head or on my to-do list to make sure I’m staying on task and doing what MUST be done next. Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s calming a newborn. Depends on the minute. 😉 

Pregnant and Boss Lady:

These recommendations are not business related, per say, but they do help you with stress, self care, and gathering a community around you for during and after your pregnancy, and THAT has really helped me return to work after having Libby. The smoothies, recipes and DIY beauty treatments totally got me through my pregnancy and early days of having a baby. I am SO glad, for example, that I loaded up my freezer with home cooked meals, asked others for help, and made all kinds of things ahead of time (sitz baths, lactation teas, energy balls, nipple cream…) because it was there when I needed it most and had no time/energy to make these things after Libby arrived. 

Mostly, these books encouraged me to care for myself in all sorts of ways, and to be brave enough to reach out to others for help. And really, we could all use that, right? I’m a little on the “crunchy side” when it comes to how I live (meaning, green, natural and as DIY as possible), so these books reflect that. 

The Mindful Mom-To-Be — A great resource that focuses more on how you are processing your pregnancy and the arrival of a new life into your world. Yoga poses, recipes, journal prompts and things to check in with your doctor about, this is the book for the semi-crunchy mama to be. 

The First 40 Days — A full on crunchy mama book, with some more exotic recipes, but plenty of suggestions for how to recover from birth. My favorite drink this summer is from this book!