I love a beauty tool that does double duty! When you are a new mom and there’s so much changing with your skin, hair, body, and hormones, it helps to have some things on your counter or beauty drawer that really work and do more than their share of heavy lifting.

Here’s a couple of my favorite beauty products for new moms:

Pacifica BB or CC Cream gives lightweight coverage and feels so good going on. If you don’t have time to moisturize and apply a cream, just grab this in a pinch or throw it in your bag.

Bare Minerals Concealer is something I reached for to hide those dark circles. It helped me feel more awake and look pulled together when I didn’t feel it. This concealer, plus mascara, plus the lip/cheek tint I mention below is my daily look and it takes about 1 minute to do. Done and done.

Bushel and a Peck lip/cheek tint is a double duty product that creates just the right tint of color. It’s all natural and made in the USA by a rad small businesswoman (who also happens to be a friend of mine). Check out all Aimee’s products for new mama’s and babies too!

Crunchy mamas smelly face OR Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil (good for cradle cap as well)

Essential Oils (particularly lavender and clary sage) and a diffuser or diffusing jewelry. I love this lava stone necklace and also these bracelets. Essential oils can be used in so many ways, even added to a small bottle of almond oil or jojoba oil and used as a facial moisturizer. Mostly, essential oils are mentioned here because I believe that a stress-free face is a beautiful face – and utilizing aromatherapy goes a long way to create some peace after baby.

Hair is a tough one – for much of my postpartum time, I just threw my hair up in a ponytail. Then I got really tired of that look and summer came and it was hot, so I got a haircut that I could wash and wear. My hair has some natural texture, but going through postpartum hair loss was NOT cool, and left my locks feeling limp. Enter Angelina’s Hairgasm Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. It’s a texturizing spray that smells great and doesn’t need heat to be activated. I just spritz some in my wet hair and brush it, and then let it air dry. If you do need to blow dry, you do get a bit more volume out of this product. It’s all natural and made in Bend, OR!

To round out this little beauty product collection, I’ll mention one more thing that is also made by Angelina and also transfers over to the baby. Blossom Balm. It has practically a cult following here in Bend and is an all-purpose moisturizer and healing balm for mama and baby. I particularly use it for my girl’s eczema, but after rubbing it all over her, I just rub in the excess into my hands and elbows. It smells so fantastic in a natural, herbal way. Check out Angelina’s other products for mama and baby.