I think the best thing about fall (besides pumpkins), is that I start baking bread again. I love bread, and that’s why I can’t wait for this show, The Slice of Life, to get on TV! We need more food shows about things that have yeast. Granted, I am a contributor. But this show is truly different because of Katie, who runs the Pacific Sourdough Bakery, out of Waldport, OR.

Baking bread is transformative for me. The process of doing so is something that feeds my soul. Bread, for me, has an amazing power to restore my soul. They don’t call it the staff of life for nothing! 

This recipe is great, because it uses just flour, water, salt and yeast. 


It just takes 7 minutes in the mixer, and your almost done! 

The dough gets so stretchy. It’s kinda fun to play with. 


You let it rise for awhile – like 8 hours awhile. This means you can go do something else and STILL BE MULTITASKING. I love that. 


The extras come in the topping, which is herbs de provance, olive oil, and rosemary. This is what makes it smell realllly good in the oven. You might think there is oil in this dough, but there isn’t. It’s that good!


Simple ingredients combine to make a spongy focaccia bread. This recipe is from The Slice of Life show! Head over here to view the recipe.