I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged. When the world closes in on me, I go home. Or at least some where I can be alone. I talk to my partner. I call my mom and I text my friends. 

Then I take a deep breath (okay, more then just one) and fix myself a drink. This helps me take everything just a little less seriously and relax into myself. It’s my way of resting the issue, and giving my mind and emotions a break. It’s something else to focus on. Others might exercise or go shopping. I choose to sip and maybe chat and nibble on some thing. It brings the external to my immediate attention, rather then focusing on being so internal. 

This drink came as an inspiration from a co-worker. Trevor, this one’s yours! 

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Herbal, strong and unusual. Just the thing to take your mind off of all your troubles, and remind you that there are other things in this world (like gin. And chartreuse!) Let’s get in to this…. 


Chartreuse is super intriguing. Herbal and full of history. It’s just the thing when you need it. Did you know there is green chartreuse and yellow chartreuse? No wonder why I was always confused what color chartreuse was supposed to be. Here is an interesting history of the liqueur

But the biggest requirement of this cocktail, is to muddle fresh herbs with cucumber. THIS. IS. ESSENTIAL. 



Next, you need that hit of herbaceousness from the gin and chartreuse, then a sprinkle of salt to balance everything. 


Add garnish by slicing a cucumber round halfway through, slipping a basil leaf into it, and your there. 


Here’s how to make it: 

Garden Gimlet

Makes 1 drink


1/2 ounce chartreuse

1 1/2 ounces Hendrick’s gin

4 slices of cucumber, plus 1 extra slice for garnish

5 basil leaves

3 mint leaves

1 thyme sprig

Sprinkle Kosher salt


Equipment needed: 

Cocktail shaker, or glass mason jar with a new lid and ring

Muddler, or wooden spoon with a long handle




Muddle the cucumber slices, 5 basil leaves, 3 mint leaves, the sprig of thyme and ice in the cocktail shaker or mason jar with a tight fitting lid. (If using glass, be careful not to muddle too hard, however I have been using a mason jar for the last 4 years as a cocktail shaker with little handicap.)

Pour in the chartreuse and gin (add more ice if it is looking low, you are about to start shaking.) Shake everything until very cold, about 30-40 seconds. 

Strain into small cocktail glasses. This is a sipper, not a gulper. You want it to look classy. 

Garnish with a basil leaf pushed through a cucumber slice, or just slice cucumbers and let them float in the drink. 

Sip. Let go of your troubles for awhile, friend.