This is my favorite time of year, and I think Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. It’s all about the food, the family, friends and eating! Being thankful for what you have and sharing it with others is something I try to practice everyday. Growing up with divorced parents, there was always more then one Thanksgiving dinner to go to, often times there were multiple in the same day! I’ve learned a few tricks about how to be a great Turkey Day guest, and added to them as I have grown into adulthood. The holidays can be tough to navigate as an adult with two sets of parents. Add in a boyfriend who also has two sets and what was once manageable has exploded into full-blown crazy. 

For example, this year we are having 4 Thanksgivings, one of which is at my house the weekend before Thanksgiving. Not to mention the extra family dinners thrown in for out-of-towners and friends. Whoa! Where do you start? I made this little guide as a starting point. It’s a small outline of some basics to get through this crazy time. You could really take this and apply it to any family gathering.

I included a bunch of recipes, all of which you can find on my Pinterest thanksgiving board. These are recipes I’ve made, brought, traveled with, shared and served, and they all are delicious! A personal favorite: the parmesan pull aparts. Man, are those good! I believe in homemade rolls! If you bring ONE thing to dinner, make these rolls. They are so much better then store-bought, and way better quality. Plus, rolls travel well, can be made ahead, and served at room temp! They also serve dual purpose for mini sandwiches later on… 

So here it is, “How to be a guest at Thanksgiving dinner:” 

How to be a guest at thanksgiving infographic