I’m having a baby!
 I’m out August 21st – October 4th, “back to work” on Monday, October 5th! 

I’m saying “back to work” because I don’t really know what that will look like yet! I’ll have two kids at home (daughters!), one of them a new baby, and I’ll have to figure out my new routine. I have no idea what my childcare options will be this fall, or if I’ll keep my kiddos at home with me like I did when Libby was born. 

Here’s what I’m doing now to prep!: 

  1. Working ahead 
    This is making the weeks leading up to my leave QUITE full! But with a shortlist of clients I’m creating content ahead and scheduling it out for them to auto-publish. If you plan on taking time off, having a medical leave, or going on vacation (ha!) consider what you can do to work ahead so you are not just going silent, or as my husband would say, telling the whole world you are on vacation, which isn’t ideal for some businesses. 
  2. Asking for help!
    I have a design contact available this time around – so my stress about a random client emergency is much lower, and my clients don’t have to wait until I’m back to get a file or a quick change made. I’m also being quite candid with clients and co-collaborators, asking them to just text me or email me in October rather than putting the responsibility on me to reach out (I know from experience I’ll be feeling taxed as it is). 
  3. Prepping my personal life
    I’ve been paring things down, sticking to essentials, letting go of certain hobbies, goals, etc. that I just can’t get to right now. This was hard for me at first, but then I realized it’s OK – I will pick them back up again if it’s meant to be. I’m also building up funds, getting rid of stuff, organizing other stuff, switching out kid rooms, cooking and cleaning – it’s not “nesting” yet but it’s prepping for sure! 
  4. Saying NO.
    This goes along with #3, but I’ve just had to say the word NO a lot more. Luckily I’m more and more comfortable with that. 
  5. I’m trying to relax
    I only have about 6 weeks to go and while I’m working like crazy and have a to-do list a mile long, I’m also trying to remember that this is a sweet, special time – and so I’m focusing on working in quality time with my daughter while she’s still an only, and having some fun myself! I got my prenatal massage and have dreams of a facial… 🙂

Social Media Thoughts While on Leave: 

 My go-to is to schedule posts using Planoly or Facebook Creator Studio. Because social media can be a huge “time suck” for many of us, I like to pop in and schedule a chunk of content, and then I feel less tied to my phone.

I pre-plan and write 2-3 posts a week that are “business” posts and then fill in with a few pics of new baby and family to show you some behind the scenes. 

This is me and my partner in crime, Shannon of Shannon Lee Strategies who is a master at social media strategy and planning – I got this tip from her!