mother's day gift guide 2015

My Mom is such an inspiration! She’s an athlete, and business woman and a regular gal pal. She just recently became a grandma too! So I think this Mother’s Day is extra special. I have so many ideas in my head, I don’t know what to do! But here’s a TON of ideas for original stuff to get your Ma this year. 

Etsy lovers: 

If you love the unique, or if your Mom does, check out Etsy. Just make sure you allow time for delivery. 

My Mom likes astrology and the moon, and she loved this poster. If your Mom is into that, get her this! It’s beautiful. I got this one for Joel too. 

Little Low has AH-dorable cards, art prints, and more. I especially love the “what’s in bloom” posters, the flowers version, and the garden version. (photo from Little Low’s shop)

Little Low poster

For the NEW Mom in my life, I’ve got my eye on this custom monogram letter for the baby’s room. I also love these stylish baby headbands. So cute! 

Artistic Moms and those who love texture (and tea or coffee) would love one of these mugs. So pretty and detailed. 

Athletic Moms:

You can never have too many yoga pants! Since I work from the comfort of my own home, I have been buying more and more. But my Mom actually DOES work out, so I think she would put these to good use!

I love anything made by Lucy. I have a basic black pair from 10 years ago and I swear to god, they haven’t worn a bit! I even gained weight and they have enough stretch to still fit. I love these pants! 

I just got this workout top from Old Navy, and I love it! It’s modern and comfortable.

Moms who love to help a cause:

Check out this online store that works with artisans in Haiti and imports delicious coffee! I have to say, I’m biased, because it’s run by my bestie. 


For those interested in something more recent they can help out with, you can send a donation to Nepal in the name of your Mom. There are several sites that do this, but here’s one through Crowdrise

And last, but not least… Foodie Moms! 

These are so everywhere… Weck jars. You can get the best deal if you go to the Weck website. Fill them with fancy flours (see what I did there?) or your special biscuit mix or in my Mom’s case, some gluten-free flour mix and Mom will have something delicious to eat AND look at. I think I just figured out my own Mother’s Day game plan! My Mom also loves my Almond Milk, so maybe I’ll give her some of that too.

almond milk-18

Spiralizers are also everywhere! If your Mom has one of those already, check out some of these cookbooks just for this of-the-moment tool. 

I’m kinda a spice junkie and I love to share new ones with my Mom too. If your Mama is the same, check out or get her a gift card to The Spice and Tea Exchange or Penzeys

If your Mom loves going out, see what restaurants in your area would be interesting to her. A couple I know my Mom likes are Prasad in the Portland Pearl District, Mother’s Bistro and I think she would really like Kiva which is a spa AND a restaurant. Such a smart idea! Instagram shot below of a co-worker lunch I had there.

kiva cafe portland oregon

For more ideas, crafts, recipes and downloads for Mother’s Day, check out my Pinterest board

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.55.54 PM

I hope you and YO’ MAMMA have a super happy Mother’s Day!