Welcome to a new section of the blog, “My Favorite Things.”

I am a huge collector. I love curating and finding just the right additions to my collections and I hope to share them with you in these blog posts. Maybe they will inspire a collection of your own or point out that special item that’s missing! Sometimes the Favorite Things posts may include things I don’t actually own but just have my eyes on. I’ll try to post sources for items too.

This post is all about that thing we all have: coffee and tea mugs.

coffee mugs, favorites

I think these were my first collection ever, started way back in middle school. I have always been decidedly picky about the mug I drink out of, feeling that it must be a statement of who I am. Today, I still open the cupboard in the morning while my coffee brews and think… “what do I feel like today?” Should I be bold? Dainty? Funky or floral? So many choices.

So, without any more delay, here’s my favorite mugs:



#1: The Bright Mug – this one is sunny and sweet, the cheerful color will help you wake up in the morning. I use this one when I’m feeling optimistic, or if I need a shot of energy.

#2: The Vintage Mug – a mug that weighs more then you think, and holds less coffee then it should, but hails from days of coffee house diners and slices of pie piled with whipped cream. I use this one when I’m feeling sentimental.

#3: The Ugly Mug – ugly isn’t really a bad thing here. This mug is so bad it’s good. I love the colors and the glaze that turns from blue to green. I use this one when I’m feeling a little crunchy. That’s the best way I can describe it.

#4: The Iconic Mug – this shape is classic. It really could be a vintage mug too, but Fiesta ware is still available and has lasted for decades, so I call this one iconic. I like to use this one when I want to feel timeless and maybe a touch elegant.

#5: The Modern Mug – different from most of my collection, this has clean lines and a feeling of modern simplicity. I like the neutral tones in this mug too. Tea looks really good in it. I use this one when I want to feel like a modern woman, or when I have an all-business tone about me.

#6: The Oversized Mug – this is great for more then just coffee, I like it for soup, stew and chowder or a big cup of broth when I’m feeling under the weather. Of course, it fits an obscene amount of coffee in it too. Another modern one with a warm gray tone to it. I like this one when I need extra… just extra.

#7: The Flower Mug – I love the funky illustrations on this one and the shape of it. I found it at TJ Maxx, but it looks like Anthropologie. I could totally eat soup out of this one too, but I think chamomile tea is perfect in it. I reach for this mug when I’m feeling whimsical. (**update** this mug is made by Dutch Wax and is fast becoming one of my favorite brands. I also have a pitcher from them)

_MG_7389 _MG_7390 _MG_7392 _MG_7394 _MG_7396

Oh these things in life that hold my attention – and my coffee.