My favorite things trays sugar pickles

I have some funny collections. Funny because I don’t intend for them to be collections until I realize I have about 10 of something and then I realize… “Oh. I must like that!” Trays are one of them. It all started with this one: 

my favorite things- trays-7

I found it at Goodwill, when I was going through my “orange phase” (now I’m on a gray phase, having gone through red and white) and I had to have it. It is funky and some what modern, a bright spot to my coffee table and eclectic living room at the time.

I was happy with that one for awhile. I didn’t really buy any trays for a couple years until I found a small one at Michaels Craft Store and a couple others that are more baking pans then trays.

my favorite things- trays-14

Then I found this white one from Target: 

my favorite things- trays-17

I LOVE thrift shopping, and one of the places I go to a lot is Goodwill. I usually find awesome stuff and there are Goodwills everywhere, so you never know what will be in the ones in Portland vs. the ones in Corvallis. It’s a fun way to treasure hunt for stuff. That’s where I found this giant beauty. I have it on display in my kitchen right now. 

my favorite things- trays-13

I just wanted to share some great finds with you, and encourage you to fill out collections of your own! Look around… what do you have two or three of? Maybe it’s time to call it a collection!