favorite podcasts

Since I told you all how much I looooove podcasts, here’s what I’m putting in my ears! 


Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Love. Can’t say enough good about Debbie. She’s a woman, she’s a designer, she’s an amazing interviewer. She’s the one I answer all those fake questions to in the shower when I pretend like I’m being interviewed for “designer of the year” or some other made up award. She’s the one I imagine is asking me the tough questions, the ones that get to the heart. And laughs with me and my obsession with cat photoshop art. Have I said too much? I don’t think so. You’ll see, she’ll have you giving an interview in the shower by the (1st) Steven Heller episode. 


Splendid table

A classic. Lynne Rossetto Kasper is like that old friend I can call for a good recipe or idea. She calms me in a way and makes me feel inspired about food when I’m burned out on cooking. It happens, and Lynne is there to commiserate with. Not only is it awesome cooking ideas, but this show covers current events in food, hot topics like agriculture and GMO’s and interviews with chefs and other food notables. You’ll learn something, and walk away with a hunger growl.

Burnt Toast

From the editors at Food52 this is a fun podcast with people I totally admire. Get on this one, it’s elegant yet silly and an inside look at what the founders of this popular site are talking about — and eating. 

Spilled Milk

Totally silly, totally relatable hosts Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton talk food. All. Kinds. From indian snack foods to cured meats, these guys are hilarious every bite along the way. 


The Table Set

These guys are so fun and have awesome ideas for fabulous parties! 


Being Boss

These two ladies: Kathleen and Emily are so boss-some it’s hard to even tell you without using all caps and a million exclamation points!!! (okay, I’ll use some.) THEY ROCK. They give me great ideas for my business, they are my people, my women. When I’m working from home and need someone to give me advice or just a kick in the pants to get shit done, it’s these ladies I turn on. And can I just say… AMEN! 

Elise Gets Crafty

What a sweet, insightful gal. Elise is totally inspirational and another awesome boss lady. She’s a mom too and so creative. I bought her Get to Work book and I’m loving it. Her podcast ranges from insights from other creatives, to practical business-y stuff, to musings about her own business and what she’s learned. She’s rad, no doubt. 

Other randomness:


You need to get on this! It’s been blowing up the podcast world since last year. It’s sorta like mystery meets drama… and it’s peppered with some really interesting insights into how murder cases are tried in our society.

Joy the Baker

This is sorta food, sorta random, but I love these ladies and I wish they would podcast more! I go through and listen to the archives ALL THE TIME when I need a JTB and Shutz fix. 

Girl Next Door

Kelsey and Erika are SO cute. I just started listening to them and they already referenced a couple recipes from Joy The Baker and Shutterbean, so I know I’m going to like them. And a cocktail recipe every episode?? What’s not to like? They are both moms too, so I’m filing away all kinds of ideas for whenever it’s my turn for motherhood. It’s great to hear things from their perspective. 

Now that we know WHAT I’m listening to, here’s what I’m using to listen (see resources section at the bottom for links).

My favorite ear buds are my yurbuds. They stay in my tiny earholes while I’m running (or doing flash dance in the kitchen, with a sink full of dirty dishes). I love the color, I can spot them in the bottom of my bag or in the drawer instantly. 

My bluetooth speaker is pretty awesome. Not just for when I’m taking a shower (which is my prime podcast listening time) but we also use it to play music through our phones when entertaining or hanging out. Thanks, Kristina! We use it all the time.


I just bought this Minty green iphone case. For two years I used a matte black one I bought at the Sprint store the same night I got my phone, and I loved it. It’s (really) scratched up, so I thought time for an upgrade. Little did I know, I would go back to the black one 2 months later. Basic black all the way, babe. 

I have an iphone 5 and I use the podcasts app via itunes. 

Now! For the WHEN! My prime time for listening to podcasts: 

  1. Shower. All. The. Time. I can’t shower without a podcast or music playing now. Seriously, we went on vacation and the speaker wasn’t charged… shower ruined. Sometimes I wonder if this cuts down on all those great ideas that usually come in the shower… hmm. I don’t know, I still have my fair share of great shower ideas. Favorite podcasts to listen to while in the shower: Joy the Baker and Elise Gets Crafty. Please don’t be creeped out, Ladies, you just give me fuel for all those great ideas! 
  2. While doing dishes. There are so many dishes around here. It’s the truth. But all I need is something to listen to and suddenly, the time spent with my arms in the suds isn’t so bad. Favs to listen to while doing dishes: Girl Next Door, Serial, Splendid Table and all food related ones. It kinda keeps me from hating cooking if I’m being inspired while I’m cleaning. 
  3. Commuting. I don’t have to commute so much anymore (yay!) and I plan on keeping it that way, but when I was I relied HEAVILY on podcasts to make it feel like I wasn’t just “wasting time” in traffic. My favorites for morning commutes: Design Matters, Being Boss, Elise Gets Crafty and general business type podcasts. I show up to work feeling awesome and full of great ideas to share with co-workers. For the commute home, my brain is usually fried and I unwind (sipping an imaginary cocktail) with Joy the Baker or just music.
  4. Folding laundry. Blech. We all have this to deal with, yes? I love to listen to We’re About to Be Friends and The Table Set… because they make me feel more fabulous then I really am in those moments of sock matching and underwear folding. 

I hope this helps inspire you to find some awesome podcasts to listen to! 



Merkury Innovations Bluetooth wireless speaker, for shower and home. From groupon as a gift from my cousin, Kristina!

Minty green iphone case 

Find a similar black case as my favorite one here.