This recipe makes a double duty dinner! Well, dinner for your child (which is always a challenge), and at least a side dish for you plus whoever is over for dinner. Squash is exploding right now and there’s no better way to cook it then roasting it, IMO. I love how the edges get a little crispy!

The biggest issue with cooking squash is cutting it and then deciding if you want to peel it before cooking, or after. In this dish, I use a kabocha squash. Kabochas are a Japanese pumpkin and have thick green peels and sort of oblong sphere shape.

kabocha squash

To go with the adult version of this roasted pumpkin, I’m adding a kimchi-miso butter (recipe below) after the squash is roasted. All you gotta do is add some dollops of the butter — which can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for almost literally ever — It’s savory and sweet and spicy and I think my new fav this fall. 

miso kimchi butter

The kiddo version simply gets cooled and cut after it’s been roasted, and then it’s ready to feed to your little darling. Our kid eats like a champ over here, so I have to constantly come up with new recipes that feed all of us — and fast — lest we endure more screaming. P.S. Does anyone else’s kid eat a TON? Libby is 13 months now and has been eating us out of house and home for since she was about 7 months old. She used to eat an avocado a day. I am now poor, please send avocado money. 

libby eating squash

libby approved!

Here’s the deal: this recipe is #bossbump because it uses probiotic ingredients to help us keep our health up while we may be burning the candle at *all the ends*. I mean, I know I could always use a bit of boost, no matter how good I’m trying/succeeding/currently failing at being good and healthy. Fall is also the season where we all seem to get sick, so let’s boost our collective immune system and have some probiotics, vitamins, and minerals! One of the best things we can do for our immune system is to have a healthy gut. 

Trust me, this will make you feel like a boss mom who has her shit together (regardless of if that’s true or not. no judgment.)

Happy eating, and happy fall!