I’ve been so inspired by all the summer bucket list posts I’ve seen on the internet these days–and just people out there on social media doing some quintessential summery things–I had to make my own list! 

strawberry ganache tart - 2.jpg 

Here’s my 2016 Summer Bucket List: 

  1. Camping (anywhere!)
  2. Picnic — even if it is just in the backyard
  3. Calligraphy — I’ve been wanting to learn this, hopefully this summer I’ll have a chance to get into it!
  4. Decorate the office — I spend so much time in this room and it needs to be better put together. Since we moved, it’s not even fully unpacked yet.  I would LOVE to paint a wall or two with an accent color… hmmm 
  5. Hikes — Black Butte Upper Trail and Smith Rock (and others, of course!) There is so much to do in the Oregon High Desert!
  6. Grill (a lot) — we’ve been doing this! It’s glorious. 
  7. Sun tea — we’ve been doing this too! I love it. More posts on sun tea, coming up!
  8. S’mores — I’m thinking dark chocolate and homemade graham crackers. 
  9. Star gazing! The Pine Mountian Observatory has been calling our name.
  10. Swimming in the river 
  11. Read lots of books (see the Upping My Game post.) In the hammock. Also, get the hammock up! 
  12. Preserving – pickles and jam. It’s the season for it. 

What’s on your 2016 Summer Bucket List!? 



Notebook is the Get To Work Book by Elise Joy
Sharpie Markers
Copic Marker – similar to the one pictured.