I don’t need a gallon of sun tea. But I want some amount of sun tea to be in my fridge at all times. I love trying different flavors, blends and teas as sun tea too. They way sun tea works, is that you put the tea in a glass container and let the sun work it’s magic on it. The slow, steady rise in temperature from the sun creates a brew that is so delicious, and smooth. It’s different then just regular iced tea! 

Black tea is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Lipton, while delicious, is not the only tea that makes great sun tea! I love trying hibiscus, earl grey, and green teas too. 

Here’s how you make sun tea: 

Get a container, any size (see the guides below) and put your tea in it (loose or bags). Fill with the recommended amount of water. Put a lid on it (I like to use glass canning jars, and their metal lids and rings). Set in a sunny spot outside (should be in full sun) for at least 5-6 hours. 

After that, remove the tea bags or strain to remove the loose leaf tea. Chill in the fridge or pour over ice. That’s it. You’ve got sun tea! 

I’ve created a handy guide for you to use, so that no matter what size of container you want to make, you always know how much tea to use:

sun tea ratios // picklejarstudios.com

How about we do a little math? Here’s all the ratios for sun tea, broken down for you: 

sun tea guide for tea bags // picklejarstudios.com

And don’t think I forgot about loose leaf tea: 

sun tea guide for loose leaf tea // picklejarstudios.com

Give sun tea a try! There’s nothing better in the summer time then a delicious tea that brews itself from the power of the sun!