While I’ve been talking all about the importance of creating content, I want to be clear that your content should have a flow. What do I mean by FLOW? Content should start first with being published on your website in some form. I love blogs, for the SEO and google search abilities, but it could also be a podcast, video, course or e-book that is on your site. 

Content on your site is also your website pages! Your homepage, your sales page, your about page and your FAQ or frequently asked questions page. SO let’s not leave those out! 

By starting with your website first, you are doing these things: 

  1. Building your online presence
  2. Publishing an archive of your brilliance (yes, I mean it) 
  3. You are in control of how and when that content is published.
  4. You can always direct people back to the original source of the content*

*I’ll explain this as we get into the FLOW

SO after your site, where does the content go? It lives on! It doesn’t just get published on your website somehow and then stop, you have to go out and actively share it, send it, broadcast it. You created that content, it took time and money, and now you want to maximize your efforts.

Every piece of content you create has to have a lifecycle or a FLOW. It flows through various avenues of reaching people and then you might archive it for a while until you can flow it through again. Recipes are a great example of this – I have recipes that I created years ago that I flow to my audience again as the seasons change. Or I include them in a new list or recipe round up. Let’s look at it as a part of the flow and I’ll walk through each step of how to flow your content to maximize your content creation efforts! 

Here’s an example CONTENT FLOW: 


  1. Website (start here!) This could be blogs, page content, videos, trainings, e-books published on your site, and infographics or images. 
  2. Email! You should flow your BEST content directly to your email subscribers next. They paid you with their email address, and they should be notified first of your best stuff in return! Give them the “extras” and the inside scoop they want. 
  3. Social media. Then share your content in small pieces to your social media following. Make sure you add a Call To Action (CTA) in your posts! Your goal is to get them on board, get them to your website or to your email list, and for them to learn about you and accept you as the expert in your field. Then, your social media following travels UP your content flow….and the process starts all over again. 

YOUR Content Flow may look slightly different, but this is the flow I follow and I recommend to most of my clients to do the same. 

Here’s a fun graphic to share and print with the CONTENT FLOW mapped out! 

Click here to print the Content Flow Graphic

content flow

So remember, you create content on your website first as a large chunk – a well-written blog, or a great video. Then you let your tribe in on it via email. Then you parse it out and share it on social in snackable pieces. Your social following will listen to your CTA and start traveling UPSTREAM on the content flow, where they are increasingly satisfied because the content keeps getting deeper and meatier! Now they are in your content flow and they start sharing out all your great ideas to their followers too. 


Just watch and see! You’ll be using your content much more than once, maximizing your money and time, and your audience will love it, too.