Mimi Council, baker, and owner of Dessert’d Organic Bake Shop talks about her love of dessert (especially cookies!), branding, and franchising her business. 


Show notes for episode 17: 

Mimi joined me via Skype from Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Mimi’s favorite is the cookie that started it all… the coconut chocolate chip cookie.

I totally respect the way that Mimi did her own thing after high school and went out on her own to CA.

Kimmy Fasani – invested in Mimi’s business early on

Above 8000 creative – https://www.above8000creative.com/

The first step in franchising is to trademark your business.

Get an accountant that works with franchises.

Mimi plans to have the first franchise near her or in the same state so that she can be close to help out or check up on them.

Write down everything about your brand that is integral and needs to be replicated.

Mimi had to create a franchise “rule book” or set of guidelines that franchisees can follow.

Her inspiration comes from everywhere!

Organic can go into every area of your life… think about things that you are putting in your body and on your body and how it can be better for the environment.

Resources Mentioned:

Find food rules for using home kitchens by state: http://www.pickyourown.org/CottageFoodLawsByState.htm

Bob’s Red Mill

Dessert’d Blog

Color Kitchen Foods

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