Jess and Whitney Keatman, owners of popular Sparrow Bakery in Bend, OR, talk about employees, their fight to Make Local Habit, and expansion ups and downs. (Did you know they are also moms of TWINS?) 

 Ocean Rolls! We talk all about these famous pastries.

Show notes for episode 18: 

Sparrow bakery locations:

Scott Street & NWX

Talking about contractors, feminism, growing and expanding and working with employees.

Secret menu!

New paleo and vegan and wheat free items (check menu)

Moms of twin boys. (We talk about the challenge of being working moms.  )

10 Barrel Brewing sold to Anheuser-Busch

…and they’re sorry, not sorry.

The campaign called Make Local Habit during the recession to continue to choose local businesses.

Resources Mentioned:

The Fifth Trimester by Lauren Smith Brody

Where to find Sparrow Bakery: 


Sparrow Bakery gift cards online

@sparrowbakery for food porn and secret menu items

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