Kristi and Darlene are joining food forces! Kristi Coughlin, RD is joining Tough Cookie as a co-host and we are so excited to have her and talk food!

Show notes for episode 19: 

We are going to be switching up the Tough Cookie format a bit! Each show will be more topic based rather than interview driven. 

New show format:

  • A topic for each episode (this episode is all about “baby steps”)
  • Food-spiration: (food-inspiration) Ingredients, tools or anything that is inspiring us.
  • What’s for dinner this week/today/lately (also can talk about what is on your mind and stuff you want to make) – can use ingredient of the month or not (alternate)
  • Food for thought: a tip or takeaway!

Kristi shares New Years Resolution Statistics:

  • New Year’s Resolutions (statistic at
    • Survey of 1,273 online responses, 216 phone calls, 73 in person interviews (1562 people total)
      • 41% of people usually make resolutions
      • 42% absolutely never make a resolution
      • Nearly 1/4 of goals were focused on health = weight loss or eating healthier
      • 9.2% of people felt they were successful in achieving their resolutions
      • 48.4% infrequent success with goals
      • 42.4% of people who set goals never succeed or failed
      • 10x more likely to attain a goal if they are explicit
      • 16.3% of people over 50 years old will achieve their goals, compared to people in their 20’s = 37.8%
        • Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
      • Resolutions maintained
        • 1st week = 72.6%
        • 2nd week = 68.4%
        • One month = 58.4%
        • > 6 months = 44.8%

So resolutions rarely stick, and as we age, we like them even less!

Baby steps for the new year:

Darlene’s favorite baby steps for nutrition/health/changes for the new year:

  • Wunderlist for groceries, our baby step is to make a list before you get to the store! Wunderlist app:
  • Which forces you to meal plan! Even if it’s just two meals and the rest is leftovers or take out
    Drinking tea in the evenings instead of alcohol- my crucial times for drinking (meal prep and pre-dinner) My favorite evening tea:
  • Vitamins/ supplements every day (put mine by the coffee pot to remind me)

Kristi’s best baby step tips:

  • Think about your goal. Now, break it up into smaller segments. For example, if you want to lose weight, break up your larger weight goal into the number of pounds you need to lose in a week/month/quarter.
  • Realize that change takes time! It can take 30 days for a single change in your life to be implemented.
  • Patience is a form of action too!
  • Pull back your diet and make it easier. Just add 1 fruit or 1 vegetable with each meal, and at dinner add both a fruit and vegetable if possible.
  • Work on shifting focus. Mindset shift: focus on what you CAN eat, rather than what you can’t eat.

We talk about bacon!

We love:

Safeways Thick Cut bacon and Beelers Bacon

Food inspiration: Instant Pot – and our favorite ways to use it.

Kristi’s favorite soup in the Instant Pot!! Try this vegan potato leek

Darlene wants to cook beans (using the magical bean button) and these meatballs:

We also both use yogurt instead of sour cream 😉 Some of our favorite brands: Greek Gods, Nancy’s, Fage and Tillamook Farmstyle.

Food for thought: Keep your goals as a baby step! Don’t try to tackle everything all at once.

Where to find Darlene

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Where to find Kristi:    

kristi coughlin

Effectual Nutrition website
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