Darlene and Kristi talk about different types of diets and how they are really all the same… find out the common thread and how to shift your mindset on this episode of Tough Cookie.

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Show notes for episode 20: 

We just want you to know….

EVERY body is a swimsuit body.

Darlene’s experience with diets:

https://eas.com/ Diet was based on this book: https://www.amazon.com/Body-Life-Mental-Physical-Strength/dp/0061467693

We’ve had to do different food things because of intolerances, but they were not considered diets. I think attitude about that can be similar because it’s a huge bummer for me if I can’t eat a certain food. I’m not good with restriction.

What types of diets we’ve heard of:

Keto, low carb high protein, Atkins, Gluten Free, Elimination diet, Paleo, Whole 30, low sodium

Kristi’s experience with diets:

“My personal experiences with diet/lifestyle change. From what I witnessed at home to what I have done in my own life. Uh, I gained 70+ pounds while pregnant with my first kid!”

Atkins, Paleo + keto is all the same – low carb, high protein

Highly restrictive – which sets us up for failure in the long run!

Diets cycle and vilify different food groups

Not a diet it’s a lifestyle change (a diet is a restriction of foods you eat, which is what Keto IS) to have a true lifestyle change it’s not about restriction, it’s about how all foods fit and navigating that.

Be careful of not being able to control yourself is because of the restriction! To break the cycle we need to change our approach to food. And, our mindset and language used to describe food, our bodies, and our actions.

Mindset shift:

All foods are food, neither good or bad

Food is nourishment to our bodies and souls. Eat to nourish, not to numb. Eat like your mom would feed you (which means lovingly and probably includes a vegetable) 🙂 See food journals from Shutterbean.

Darlene likes the food rule from Michael Pollan: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

What have we been cooking lately?

Darlene is using the instant pot! I made the vegan potato soup, Salisbury steak meatballs from SkinnyTaste, Rice pilaf that was oh so good, and trying to use up what’s in our pantry + freezer.

Libby LOVED the gluten-free vegan banana coconut pancakes from Martha Stewart’s A New Way To Bake and she also loved the Buckwheat Blini pancakes from Veganomican (buckwheat blinis! This recipe makes a lot and is pretty yummy for non-vegan, gluten loving folks as well. BTW: she eats pancakes for all meals – not just breakfast.

Is your toddler giving you the run around when it comes to eating?? Kristi recommends Ellen Satter’s Division of Responsibility

Kristi is also using everything up in our freezer too!! Last night we made chili cheese fries because we had frozen chili and french fries. Oh, and vegetable soup I made in the instant pot, put into individual servings, and froze. To be used in place of canned soup. 😉

Food for thought from Kristi: Food doesn’t control you. You are in control of food. When you say you can’t control yourself around a specific food item – such as potato chips or cookies – it is because you restrict the food in your everyday life. If those foods no longer carried “bad” labels and were regularly present in your life, those foods would have no control over you.

Positive affirmations are very helpful in the process. One of my favorite websites to get food and body positive affirmations is: https://80twentynutrition.com/blog/positive-affirmations-to-improve-your-body-image/

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