Darlene and Kristi do a check-in because IT’S BEEN TOO LONG!


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Show notes for episode 22: 

We’ve been hit with a case of LIFE and the podcast went by the wayside. We recorded this mini-episode in April and here it is August. HA! Better late then never 🙂 

We are looking to gear up on the podcast again so stay tuned. 

In this mini-episode: 

Kristi and I catch up and talk about what’s been going on with us after a hiatus! 

Kristi and Darlene talk about some struggles and just in general what is up with our lives. 

Timer app for working in spurts: Tomato One

Kristi makes a business announcement!

Kristi’s cruise boat did a sea rescue!

Where to find Darlene

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Where to find Kristi:    

kristi coughlin

Effectual Nutrition website
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