BOO! Darlene and Kristi talk Halloween and fall foods, traditions, drinks and of course, CANDY. Listen to the very very end for our candy discussion outtake ;p

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Show notes for episode 28 – Halloween and Fall: 


The REAL question: do you like candy corn? The answer might affect our friendship…. 


D: No. (Ok, I’ll eat like 3 candy corns, max!)

K: Yes. Eat them with peanuts or corn nuts.


Fave Halloween Candy: 


Snickers. Just don’t give Kristi any Swedish Fish.

The Teal Pumpkin Project. A movement to allow all kids to celebrate Halloween – to be inclusive of kiddos with food allergies/sensitivities.  A separate teal pumpkin with non-food goodies, such as bubbles, glow in the dark teeth, erasers or pencils, witch finger… 


Fave Halloween Parties: 


K: The night I met my husband! Throwback to 2003 I was dressed in an outfit inspired by Britney Spears “Hit me baby one more time” (There’s Kristi in 2003 second in from the right!)

fall halloween tough cookie Brittany Spears costume



D: I typically go as a witch because it’s easy but I really love seeing fun costumes. Last year Libby and I went as a Witch and her Cat. Goldilocks + Bear with Libby

This year Libby will probably be a Bear and we’ll go around the neighborhood. 

K: I love to dress in redhead inspired outfits. One of my all-time faves – Peggy Bundy from Married with Children. But, I’m talking about being an early 2000’s chick with my oldest daughter – talk about horrible clothing, hair, and make-up choices. 


Are you a PSL fan??? 


If you are in Bend, go to Bluebird Coffee


Fall Food: 



Fall beers. 

Pumpkin beers. Elysian – The Night Owl is probably my fav. I can’t have anything too pumpkiny or heavily spiced. It’s the same with fall coffees. I also love anything bourbon or apple this time of year. (stay away from fireball, people) 

The Stilleto – on my blog – it’s bourbon focused, but really, good for any bourbon lover. I know whiskey is popular rn. Idk. Bourbon for life! 

K: Bourbon. Hot apple cider. 


FALL Food: 


D: Dinners change with the season for sure (return to the kitchen): 

Fall pasta – orecchiette with sausage, arugula, or broccoli and onion, garlic, herbs, olive oil, s+p = fav FALL weeknight meal. 

I make something with apple cider and Apple Jack that shall not be named. Jk it’s RR’s Cider House Chicken. Yes, it’s good. Yes, it’s a pain in the A. 

Also Pumpkin pasta. Everyday Foods Pumpkin Enchiladas. ON my blog Butternut squash hummus. 

You will see all the squash show up at my house: all the squash. 

Stuffing! Kristi likes Mrs. Cubbison’s 

Return to bread baking like Foccacia, bagels, ciabatta – exciting stuff! 

Spices: Rosemary, thyme, oregano and cinnamon, nutmeg, ect. Make an appearance again. 

Soup and grilled cheese.

Our kids eat everything pumpkin. Kristi already has three boxes of the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread waiting for them. 


Fall traditions: 


D: pumpkin patch. Watching Saws and Evil Deads. And grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. 

Also, I decorate way, way too early. Pumpkin patch. Fall cocktail, and cheese and happy hour friend situation. 


K: Not really… 




Parents magazine for October – super cute kids stuff and Fall meals!

Martha Stewart  Halloween Editions – fun (but not easy) costume ideas 


Food for thought:


Just do what makes it spooky for you. Obey the candy rules. Let go of outside pressure. Have fun!




Darlene – roasted garlic + potatoes cooked ahead. (in the oven or campfire) – roasted garlic honey mustard dressing? Meal prep, in general, has been a savior!


Kristi – Brussels. I keep trying to make other veggies with dinner, but my kids keep telling me they want Brussels. Darlene made this salad once:


What’s for dinner? 


Darlene – Fall pasta with sausage and arugula, onions, garlic and tomatoes from the garden. 

Kristi – Grilled cheese on sourdough bread. 


Any closing thoughts? 


Our true colors come out in the fall when we let things go. 

Do you like candy corn?? OR Share a FALL drink you love! 🙂 

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