Elsy, born and raised in J’aime, Haiti, brings her perspective of healthy food, made with vibrant spices, and allergy-free! This interview was insightful, humbling, and we felt like we could have spent all day with Elsy. Listen or download now to hear her amazing story of strength!

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Show notes for episode 29 – Elsy Dinvil Interview: 

Elsy Dinvil Creole Me up

Elsy’s food passion: allergy-free, healthy, Creole products and food. Elsy’s health challenges have lead her to create a brand that she can be proud to say will not have any allergens! 

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Elsy Dinvil Creole Me up

Elsy and her Mother, in Haiti

Advice for people just starting: 

Just do it! Just get started! 

Elsy started by preselling tickets to her first pop up – and when she was writing her book, she needed to JUST WRITE to get going. 

“Each day that passes by is a missed opportunity to explore what you are passionate about.”


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