Kristi and Darlene get super deep about the HOLIDAYS – cooking, expectations, gifts, and consumerism. And then we talk about cookies! This is one food therapy session you DON’T want to miss! Queue us up in your podcast player before the holiday hustle leaves you feeling less than jolly.

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Show notes for episode 33 – Holiday Burnout!


Here are some ways we know we are burned out: 

I’m not making good food/ drink decisions 

I’m not getting enough sleep – staying up too late 

If I’m ever in my kitchen past 8 pm on weeknights 10 pm on weekends I’m probably making a bad decision for myself. 

My back/legs/shoulders hurt 

My body needs some self-care: I.e. I need a Pedi and a shave!!! 

I’m a legit grouch and I suddenly hate everyone I’m cooking/cleaning/buying for 

I ignore everyone and all social media

I watch too much Netflix on my phone while cooking and cleaning 

I will sit on the couch and overconsume media – social or TV.

It’s like I’m a zombie and I can’t do anything else but checkout.

I also have a tendency to lose the bounce in my step.

It’s as if I feel like I am literally dragging my feet. I dread getting out of bed in the morning – even coffee doesn’t make me feel good.

And, when I don’t want to make decisions about things that usually make me excited – such as food!!

The one that makes me cringe the most to think about: I snap at my husband or the kids. The smallest, unnecessary thing causes me to be annoyed.

So what is burning us out!? 

Spending Money

Cleaning + Cooking 

Traveling to see people or even just feeling like I’m running here and there a lot. The stores are busier and so everywhere you go it’s the hustle and bustle – which is fun at first and then just annoying! 


Family dynamics

Disease: Alcoholism. Depression. Drug dependence…. Holidays can be big triggers for some people. 


Bottom line: EXPECTATIONS. 

Can be those placed on ourselves. Or, placed on us by others. Or, even a combination of the two. Holiday traditions. Family has “always” done it that way.

Perfectionism and people-pleasing… You know what I am talking about! 

It’s also just a weird time of year in some ways. There’s highs and lows and then I always feel really funky the week between Christmas and New years. 

Combine all this with MORE SUGAR, ALCOHOL and LESS SLEEP and you have a recipe for DISASTER!


How to STOP the holiday burn out: 

Gratitude practice. 

Rose + Thorn + Bud: Rose is the good part of your day, Thorn is the not-good part, and bud is something you are looking forward to. 

I think remembering what we said last time – that we don’t HAVE to do anything. 

— Repeat. You don’t have to do anything!

Priorities: But the big rocks in first! Make your “holiday bucket list” and focus on that and then add in the “extra stuff” as you can. 



Meditation can help reduce the need to depend on other – more addictive – things:

For guided meditations: 


Gratitude journal: 

The Five Minute Journal


Big Dreams Daily Joys Book by Elise Blaha Cripe: Darlene is loving this book for looking at all she’s doing and choosing to prioritize what matters!



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Instagram: We’re not really strangers – cards with questions 


Stream of Appreciation:


Food for thought:

Do what is best for you. When you take care of yourself, you can make other people around you happy. Think of it like this: When you focus on making yourself happy, you are spreading that happiness to those who surround you. And, they spread that same happiness to others. So, by taking care of yourself, you are actually starting a ripple effect of happiness. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Taking care of yourself can include: drawing boundaries, asking for what you need, standing your ground on a decision you’ve made, taking a time out, saying “No”, and so much more… it is NOT selfish!! 



Potatoes still. HAHA. 

Actually I re-organized my Christmas Binder that was falling apart and now I’m obsessed. I want to organize my thanksgiving recipes and my regular recipe box to be all in binders now 


Kristi – I don’t know that I have one right now. THAT’s OK! But I am loving CHEX MIX.

Why Darlene can’t buy Tillamook Cheese anymore:


What’s for dinner? 

Darlene: Potato Leek Soup! We had loaded potato nachos Sunday night and OMG they were so good 

Kristi: Pasta with green beans. My mother made the sauce while she was in town visiting and we froze it. So, it will be a relatively “easy” weeknight dinner. Woot woot!


Tough Cookie: 



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