Kristi and Darlene are finishing up the year, looking back, and getting ready (haha, we are BEYOND ready) to say GOODBYE 2019. We look at how to be grateful, what happens when the year didn’t go how you thought it would, and we start getting to goals a little, but stay tuned for that in our goals episode coming early 2020! 

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Show notes for episode 34 – Closing Out the Year!


What does the end of the year look like to you? 

Darlene gets totally angsty…. 

She’s looking to get over that this year by creating some business content or doing a fun creative project. 

Tape Rolling Artist. 


But also… BURN that vision board. (more in our goals episode, #35 the first one in 2020!)

Hay! Let’s make an Actualization Board to have gratitude for when things we want to happen DO happen. 


Why do we look back at the year? 

Appreciating the growth of our kids and family. 

Looking at our accomplishments. 


What are some tools we use to reflect? 


Facebook Memories or Phone Memories



Food Notebooks 

We want to create a board that gives us some “Gratitude At A Glance”! 




Favorite podcast episode we’ve recorded this year? 

Episode 32: Holiday Cooking 

Episode 33: Holiday Burnout

Episdode 31: Food For The Sole Interview

Episode 21: Self-Compassion

Favorite food memory from this year? 

K: Cruise! Mongolian Grill! 

D: Gnocchi Making Party! And looking forward to planning more cooking workshops in 2020. 

Favorite kitchen gadget you used this year?

D: instant pot OR air fryer 

K: Wok. It has seen more action this year than ever before! 


Fav family memory from the year? 

D: staying with my brothers on a house over the holidays which I hope to do again this year. 

K: Camping with my family. And, since we love food… my favorite meal that trip was the baked potatoes we made in the fire with butter and onion in the foil. Ahh-maz-ing!


Favorite way you’ve practiced self-care this year? 

D: Therapy. And also French fries. See air fryer. 

K: Personal trainer. I started working out with my trainer in June and glad I did. I am sure I wouldn’t still be working out weekly if it weren’t for her. 


Try doing some ROSE, BUD, THORN for the whole last year! 




The Get To Work Book

Horizon Line Personal Training: 


Here’s our questions we used for reflection: 

Favorite food memory from this year? 

Favorite kitchen gadget you used this year?

Fav family memory from the year? 

Favorite way you’ve practiced self-care this year? 


Big Dreams Daily Joys 


Food for thought: 

Looking back is good and can also be hard. Be gentle with yourself if you are feeling like you are not where you want to be right now. Just keep showing up. That is enough. Self-compassion. 



D: Old cookbooks and Cheese plates and snack dinners and vintage cocktails by the fireplace. 

K: Turkey! Turkey tortilla soup. 


What’s for dinner? 

K: Well, our conversation is making me want to recreate that dish from the cruise! Otherwise, I was planning on having breakfast burritos for dinner tonight. 

D: Made up quesadilla: flour tortilla from Tortilla Land, sweet potato, Yumm Sauce, bacon crumbles, chicken, spinach. + Black Bean! 


Tough Cookie: 



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