Kristi and Darlene talk about why a one-year vision board just isn’t working for them anymore. Have you been holding on to multiple years of past vision boards? It’s time to BURN them. Set them free, and start fresh. Listen now for more thoughts about goals and what we are changing in our goal-setting process this year.  


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Show notes for episode 35 – Burn Your Vision Board and other thoughts about 2020 goals: 


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Do we have a WORD of the year? 

Focus or Focus and Finish

Kristi read a book but didn’t finish it:


How are we feeling about our goals this year? 

We want to burn our vision boards. 

We have a very different relationship with goal setting this year than we do in the past. 

In years past we make MAJOR lists of goals, and this year we are just looking at it much smaller. Less goals, more FOCUS. 

Here’s what my previous year looked like in terms of a goal list: 

Here’s an actionable idea if you struggle with creating too many goals: 

This year I’ve been reading Big Dreams Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe and I’m doing things on a much smaller scale but with a longer-term vision.

Piggybacking off what you said about vision boards being longer term. I followed Elise’s advice in the book, Big Dreams Daily Joys. 

I sat down and wrote out long term goals – 5-year plan and picked different categories: 





Then you pick only 3 small tasks to do this week or today that will get you closer to one of the goals on the list. 


  • Work on business budget (business)
  • Do yoga 3x a week. (personal)
  • Vacuum or mop (home)


The point of these is that they are such tiny baby steps, but they are getting you closer (inch by inch) to that 5 year plan. 

What are our goals? 

 Let’s go through this together – Kristi? Do you have goals yet? It’s OK if not!! 

  • I picked only 3 for my business and a couple personal ones – mainly leaving it open and allowing for more spontaneous creativity. 

Trying to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

K: Since I am working on getting away from the big vision board planning, I am going to breakdown my long-term goals to have quarterly goals and focus on making my goals actionable each month. 

Shannon Lee Strategy – Social Media and Content Strategy:




How do we execute goals throughout the year, or break them up? 

We are great at planning and horrible at execution! 

Regularly reassess your goals. Are you taking steps to make them happen, or being reactive to what’s happening? 

One thing Darlene does is get up earlier. 

We also want to start scheduling a regular check in with ourselves. 

Kristi is going to start block scheduling and looking at her day vs. her week, and what she needs to have happen in the week as a whole. And being more proactive with her schedule. 

We are people pleasers AND rebels. 

Kristi is going to start using “FLEX TIME!” So that she can start accepting that fact that she always wants to rebel against self-imposed rules. 

What happens when you struggle to come up with ideas/goals? Or you are not feeling motivated AT ALL to complete anything?? 

I’m going to read a passage from the Big Dreams Daily Joys that talks about this, but I usually find that if I’m not sure what to do next, or not feeling like doing ANYTHING next, there is something else happening in my life (personal struggle, lack of sleep, need for self-care) that I focus on first. The basics have to be there. If you are listening to this and thinking that you want us to just stop because you are struggling with just getting a shower and a hot meal in you right now, then please, just focus on that. Don’t worry about not feeling into this New Years Goal thing. First things first, that’s you and your basic needs! This is alllll gravy. 

Beyond that – you feel pretty good, things are moving along, but you just aren’t feeling inspired. 

Liz Gilbert – Big Magic: 

I love that Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this in her book Big Magic. 

She mentions allowing herself to go down rabbit holes of exploration. She researches random things, she follows tiny clues, she just starts collecting things that look or sound interesting to her without worrying about the outcome of it. This is more of a way to find your next creative project – if you are struggling to nail down a goal for your work life or family – talk to others around you like work team or family because there may be something they mention that inspires you to think deeper or points out an area that is lacking you hadn’t noticed. 

Give it time: 

Also, just give it time. A goal can start any time of the year, you don’t need to feel all this pressure to come up with goals just because it’s month 1 of 2020. 

Meet with a friend: 

I always meet up for coffee or lunch with my friend Amanda of Amanda Photographic – she was on the podcast and we did a two-parter on photography. 

We meet and swap resources, talk goals, and just do a check-in on the last year and what we feel like the next year is going to bring. We meet on New Years Day! It’s a fun tradition that I really look forward to each year. 

I usually come away with extra inspiration or resolve to complete my list for the year, and sometimes a fun book rec, or new resource, too. 

BUT don’t get swept up in what everyone else’s goals are! 


What if you have too many goals/ideas and don’t know where to start? 

One exercise in the Big Dreams Daily Joys book is to write each of your ideas/goals at the top of one piece of paper. Then write for 5 minutes all the things around that task – flesh out the idea. What tools do you need, what time do you need, do you need funds, or is it something you can do at the kitchen counter. 

So I did this for the “personal/creative” category to try and narrow on a creative hobby for the year. 

As I did this process, I realized that there were some tasks that really fit into the business category and I needed to do anyways. 

There were some that I really loved, but that my current lifestyle wouldn’t permit and time and space to do. A lot of activities I wanted to do required space with a door to keep Libby out of them. 

I came up with a scoring system! How much joy would it bring me (positive number) How much extra time would it take (negative) How much money/barriers to entry (negative.) This is how I came up with my next task to focus on creatively. 

The one that won: Illustration! 

I did this for business to – but more based on which items I felt were really crucial to business success and health. 



Big Dreams, Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe

Big Magic

Get to work book 

Google calendar – K: I am doing this one too! I am a big Mac lover. But, this year I am going to try ditching the iCal app and used Google Calendar instead (I’m trying time blocking!). It is also my first year not using a planner – let’s see how long I can make it. LOL 



Happy Planner

You Tube Video: Robbie Osenga – Finding Clarity in Your Calling

Udemy Course (Free) Clarity in Calling – Robbie Osenga 


Food for thought: 

Don’t give up! Keep showing up. Respect the Ebb and Flow and embrace it, appreciate it for what it is. 



D: Brining my beans first! I tried this over the break. Creating a brine when you soak your beans and then cooking them. I want to try it with instant pot too, but it keeps the skins from bursting and gives them a better texture. I also want to explore soaking grains first in an acid again like Nourishing traditions cookbook talks about. 

Beans: 3 tablespoons of table salt to 4 quarts of water. Stir in the salt, then stir in your beans, and let them rest at room temperature for anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, however long you prefer. She even notes that if 8 hours is too long for you to wait, brining works just as well with our “power soak” method—just bring the salt and water to a boil, remove from the heat, cover, and let stand for an hour.

K: Smoothies with greens. I fall into a fruit and veggie rut in the winter. So, I am trying to create smoothies that will get me excited about them again. So, I am making my smoothies green!

Here’s what Kristi puts in her smoothie: 




Lemonade or Kombucha

Chia Seeds

Liquid Omega Supplement 

Greens (spinach, kale, or field greens – freeze them first!) 

Maybe add some water if you need it. 

Manitoba is a great flax seed brand.


What’s for dinner? 

D: It’s NYE so naturally, we are making Chinese food. We do this every year! I’ll probably make a stir fry OR my favorite at home sesame chicken. In years past I’ve done dumplings or egg rolls. Actually steamed Bao sound pretty good too, maybe I’ll make some of that also. We have a mix from the Asian market. 🙂 

K: I’m making pasta! We got cheese raviolis at Costco. My husband’s grandmother used to make them all the time. At a recent Costco trip, Brandon saw them and added ‘em back into our rotation. They are delicious. 


Tough Cookie: 



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