Amanda Long of Amanda Photographic and I chat it up about food photography tips for restaurant owners, chefs, and product makers. Part 1 of 2. 

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Show Notes for Tough Cookie Episode 005:

Darlene Veenhuizen is Owner, Designer and Food Content Creator at Pickle Jar Studios

You can find Amanda Long’s work at Amanda Photographic


Tough Cookie Podcast Amanda Photographic

Food photography tips for restaurants:

  1. Find good light.
  2. Take the food out of the kitchen and off the line.
  3. Easy on the filters.
  4. Take photos from multiple angles.
  5. Take some foundation photos when you switch your menu
  6. Use a reflector – a white piece of paper, small piece of white foam board or white napkin propped up
  7. Style the food to show visually what is in it. Turn sandwiches to one side to show fillings, show burgers with the top bun off to one side.
  8. Use a smaller plate to avoid a photo of mostly white plate.
  9. Make sure your descriptions are working for you when you post to social media. Tell us why your dish is so good, tell us what it is and how we can order it, or give us a sense of urgency.

More to come in part 2!

We dive into how to start in food photography, entrepreneurship, and more photography tips!




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Resources Mentioned:

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PART 2 is here: Breaking into Food Photography as an Entrepreneur