Caley and Basia Brach are co-owners and operators of the Pancake Wagon food cart in Bend, OR. They sling pancake batter and banter all day as they cook to make others happy. On this episode of Tough Cookie, they talk about how these things are not planned, and they embrace that!

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Show notes for episode 9: 

pancake wagon food
Where to find The Pancake Wagon: 

Find them in the Mountain Supply Parking lot:
834 NW Colorado Ave, Bend, OR 97701

Food cart hours:
Thursday through Sunday
7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Right now: Open Wednesday evenings from 5pm-8pm





The bunny Roo: 

roo the bunny


Resources Mentioned: 


One Street Down Cafe – Redmond

Red Robin at Old Mill

Central Oregon Collective Community Center Kitchen

Purritos – a pancake burrito filled with all kinds of deliciousness

Steve special – Named after Caley’s dad

Chef’s Table

Amanda Photographic episode and business babies

What we talked about: 

“Timing, strategy, and planning are the top three things to really hone in on and consider before making a big life change.” – Caley

Caley talks about how she didn’t just leave work at One Street Down at work, she continued learning and experimenting and working in her own time since she didn’t have that time in the culinary school classroom.

“You’re doing a great job.” – what Caley and Basia say to each other all the time at The Pancake Wagon

“It’s the zipper effect of life: you never know what’s coming but every week a new link gets filled in.” -Basia

“I do believe we love breakfast together” – Caley and Basia

“We are working our hardest and our best, and there’s no cap on that.” – Basia

“Oftentimes it happens with no plan. Things just fall into place. If it’s really supposed to be… all those subtle signs that we really try to stay in tune with… sometimes you just need to have a little reassurance and when no one else above you is saying “you’re doing a great job” … and we see things like that as we just need to keep going .” – Caley

“At some point, taking the risk becomes more important than any safety net that you are leaving behind.” – Darlene

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