It seems like even though my 2016 “words for the year” are focus and grace (yes, I had to pick two!) since moving to Redmond, OR it’s clear that my words for the year have shifted. I keep telling myself in my head over and over again to just up my game! 

With this move, it feels more like my phrase for the year is now: “up your game!”

I keep telling myself in my head over and over again to just up my game!  To not have fear, to just do it and own it — whatever the “it” may be. So I’ve been working on that:

Upping my game with my body: 

Going on more hikes and doing more challenging physical things. I’m saying yes to physical activity more then I’m saying no, or “I don’t have time” (because that is a lie). 

Also, just loving my body more. It’s the only one I’ve got, so loving it is more important then I ever realized.

Upping my game with my mind: 

I’m reading more challenging books. By that I mean, that I’m reading books that are in genres I don’t normally gravitate too, but I want to start learning about. A couple that I just picked up from the library are: All The Single Ladies, by Rebecca Traister and Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. I also got this super retro book called High Country of Central Oregon by Raymond R. Hatton. You guys, it was written in the 1980’s, but lucky for me, mountain ranges take a loooong time to change. I’m enjoying learning about the history of this place and the natural landscape around us. Also, WHY is there not a newer book about the history and landscape of the Bend and Redmond area? If anyone has any good suggestions, let me know. Otherwise, someone needs to write that book. 

Upping my game with my soul: 

I’ve been loving the podcast Do the Work with Jay and Becca. It’s a podcast that feels like a free therapy session. Jay Pryor is a life coach (and just an amazing human) and Becca Booth is a lady entrepreneur and marketing strategist who is also a client of Jay’s. She’s the one sort of “doing the work” and Jay is there with her. They also have some amazing guests! Anyways, my mind has been blown several times since episode 1. 

I’m also reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – which is a fantastic and inspiring book. It’s all about creative living, and yes, we are all creative! 

Upping my game with my work: 

I think that life as a small business owner can come in ebbs and flows, and I’ve had some major things challenge me the last couple weeks. I’m upping my work game by holding myself to higher standards, being more open to accepting help from others or the possibility of hiring help, and just keeping my mind open for whatever the Universe has next for me. 

I’m also taking some things in my work life more seriously and getting myself organized. Two major things that have helped my business have been keeping track of my daily to-do’s with Asana and the Get To Work Book planner by Elise Joy.

I love what I do.